Book Launch

Book Launch for General Education in Hong Kong: articulations across sub-degree and degree studies

Keynote Presentation 1 :

Creating Wicked Students: Engaging Pedagogies that Improve Student Authority

Speaker: Professor Paul Hanstedt

Keynote Presentation 2 :

Shared Journey to Successful Transfer for Students

Speaker: Dr Linda Bowman

Keynote Presentation 3 :

Liberal Arts and General Education: the Pillars of Undergraduate Programmes

Speaker: Professor Edward Chen

Keynote Presentation 4 :

General Education Outcomes Assessment — Continuous Improvement of Learning

Speaker: Dr Shen-li Fu

Panel Discussion

Seamless Articulation into UGC-funded University — Closer Partnership Arrangement on GE

Facilitator: Professor Chetwyn Chan

Plenary – General Education from Professional Perspectives

Relationship between General Education and Professional Accreditation Requirements

Speaker: Mr Albert Chow

Plenary – General Education from Professional Perspectives

From Common Core Curriculum to the 130 MBBS Curriculum Reform

Speaker: Professor Lau Chak-sing

Plenary – General Education from Professional Perspectives

Speaker: Mr Rémi Leclerc

General Education Conference 2017 - Plenary Forum

Facilitator: Professor Chan Lung Sang

General Education Conference 2017:
Evolution and Transformation
on 15 & 16 June 2017