Conference Theme & Sub-themes

General Education
Conference 2017: Evolution and Transformation

General education (liberal education) is one of the main focuses in the curricula of higher education in many places. In Hong Kong, the 2012 Academic Year marked the starting of a new era of the sub-degree and degree programmes under the 3-3-4 Education Reform (the New Academic Structure). Since then, there have been evolutionary changes to the GE curricula of local sub-degree and degree programmes transforming students to become more holistic and more capable in the global and dynamic world.

The objective of the conference is to provide a platform for researchers, scholars, GE teaching practitioners, policy makers and administrators, in Hong Kong and other places, to review and share their experience with regard to the design and development, implementation, delivery and evaluation, transferability and recognition of their GE curricula. Students' views and experiences will also be solicited. The conference will mainly focus on the following dimensions of General Education: We welcome submissions related to the conference theme – Evolution and Transformation in (but not confined to) the following areas:

  • Role of GE
  • Design of GE
  • Implementation of GE curriculum
  • GE Teaching and learning pedagogies
  • Assessment
  • Quality Assurance in GE
  • Student experience and feedback

General Education Conference 2017:
Evolution and Transformation
on 15 & 16 June 2017