About the Project


In 2011, FSTE was granted a research fund under EDB Quality Enhancement Grant Scheme (QEGS) for “Models on Sub-degree General Education Curriculum and Exemplary General Education Courses” in response to the implementation of the New Academic Structure where General Education (GE) components in 4-year undergraduate programmes were given much focus. Different Associate Degree (AD) providers have their own models of GE curriculum and intended learning outcomes (ILOs), and each publicly-funded degree institutions has their own individual practices to deal with credit transfer/exemption of GE units from the sub-degree sector.

The previous QEGS project looked into different GE frameworks across institutions regionally and internationally with reference to the requirements of local Common Descriptors and Generic Level Descriptors. Major achievements included the quality enhancement in GE course development and delivery in the sub-degree sector; effective communication with GE departments of UGC-funded institutions with regard to their practices in GE course exemption and recognition for sub-degree sector; increased opportunities of experience sharing among GE practitioners in the sub-degree sector. All exemplary courses and good practices were collected, compiled and published in General Education Guidebook which is one of the major deliverables of the project.

Objectives of new QESS Project

Building on the success of the previous GE project, this current project aims to:

  • Further enhance the quality of GE courses in the sub-degree sector in Hong Kong;
  • Continue effective communication between the sub-degree and degree sectors in Hong Kong; and
  • Take sub-degree GE further towards the goal of achieving smoother credit recognition by, and articulation to, the degree sector, with a view to facilitating credit recognition and transfer.

Advisory Group Members:
Professor Chetwyn Chan (PolyU)
Professor Isabella Poon (CUHK)
Professor Cheng Shuk Han (CityU)
Professor A. Reza Hoshmand (HKBU)
Professor Gray Kochhar-Lindgren (HKU)
Professor Chang Chih Chen (HKUST)
Professor Wong Yiu Chung (LU)
Dr Joe Lo (EdUHK)
Dr Simon Leung (HKCC, PolyU)

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